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Take advantage of our streamlined fulfillment network that allows for high-margin products, and unmatched profit!

Units Cost Profit Total Profit
1 $11.23/unit $12.77/unit $12.77
100 $8.01/unit $15.99/unit $1,599.00
500 $6.71/unit $17.29/unit $8,645.00
1,000 $6.62/unit $17.38/unit $17,380.00
5,000 $3.96/unit $20.04/unit $100,200.00
In the calculations above, a navy Gildan 6.1oz T-Shirt was used, with a 2 color front design, and a resale price set at $24.00.


Monthly Units Sold Bonus Total
1,000 +$0.25/unit $250.00
5,000 +$0.50/unit $2,500.00
10,000 +$0.75/unit $7,500.00
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